Castle Bravo

Here is the first hydrogen bomb test:Castle Bravo(March 1, 1954)

The yield of the Castle Bravo Hydrogen bomb was 15Mt. This was three times as much as the predictions of the scientists that worked to build the bomb .

The place that it was tested on was the:Bikini Atoll

The Island that the U.S government tested on was inhabited by residents which had to be relocated since the U.S government was wanting to use their land for nuclear testings. They were relocated in 1946. The inhabitants of the island did not return too there native land until June 1968, Yet the radation of the land was still very potent and very deadly. The scientists that went to study the residents foundout that they had a small amount of plutonium-239 and 240 in their urine. As well as dangerously high level of strontium-90 in the well water. The women of the island were experiencing miscarriages, stillbirths, and genetic abnormalities in their children.

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